Spies Down Under

If you’re like me, you get a kick when bits of the espionage world peek out into daylight. Especially when they’re just tacky enough to have that noir romance appeal. John le Carre rocks this, for example.

Which is why this account of an Australian Security Intelligence Organization operation against the Community Party of Australia is so fascinating.

Wechsler also received abundant non-monetary assistance from ASIO. This ranged from driving him to various appointments, visiting him in hospital, expediting delayed payments of sickness benefits (including direct intervention on Wechsler’s behalf to the Department of Social Security), expressing constant praise, gratitude and reassurance, finding him accommodation when evicted and arranging the storage of his furniture.

You know these things happened, and still happen, all the time.

Incidentally, that guy? Is now the guy writing this.

h/t Laura Rozen.


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