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Mesopotamia - Rudyard Kipling
They shall not return to us, the resolute, the young,
  The eager and whole-hearted whom we gave:
But the men who left them thriftily to die in their own dung,
  Shall they come with years and honour to the grave?
They shall not return to us; the strong men coldly slain
  In sight of help denied from day to day:
But the men who edged their agonies and chid them in their pain,
  Are they too strong and wise to put away?

Our dead shall not return to us while Day and Night divide--
  Never while the bars of sunset hold.
But the idle-minded overlings who quibbled while they died,
  Shall they thrust for high employments as of old?
Shall we only threaten and be angry for an hour:
  When the storm is ended shall we find
How softly but how swiftly they have sidled back to power
  By the favour and contrivance of their kind?
Even while they soothe us, while they promise large amends,
  Even while they make a show of fear,       
Do they call upon their debtors,  and  take  counsel  with  their
  To conform and re-establish each career?
Their lives cannot repay us--their death could not undo--
  The shame that they have laid upon our race. 
But the slothfulness that wasted and the arrogance that slew,
  Shell we leave it unabated in its place?

I don’t remember reading this poem before, especially not in context of the Iraq war. It was written in 1917. It could have been written yesterday.


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Coming soon to Cartoon Network

Possibly the weirdest thing to come out of the Chinese military world since the lady soldiers in the mini-dresses and go-go boots:

Seriously, if this gets made into a TV series I may actually be motivated to watch Adult Swim.

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Old Time Military Sci-Fi

The tradition is that military science fiction, especially future infantry with political undertones, began with Robert Heinlein’s Starship Troopers. Then came Bill The Galactic Hero and The Forever War and offered a more cynical counterpoint, and a genre was born.

The tradition, it turns out, is wrong. Around 1955, a radio series called 2000 Plus broadcast a story called A Veteran Comes Home [mp3]. Go listen to it. It sounds eerily like the Vietnam-influenced stories that were to come about 20 years later, especially The Forever War. And it could just as easily have been written today, with Mars standing in for Iraq or Afghanistan.

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Band or Defense Program?

1. RJD2

2. Cobra Judy

3. Iron Butterfly

4. BQM74

5. Boomerang

6. Ground Soldier Ensemble

7. Lightning Bolt

8. Stryker

Band: 1, 3, 7
Defense Program: 2, 4, 6
Both: 5, 8

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They deserve an exclamation point.

Airships were awesome:

USS Macon under construction

The USS Macon under construction, 1933

And they are still awesome today:

Lockheed Martin Long Endurance Multi-Intelligence Vehicle

The Long Endurance Multi-Intelligence Vehicle. (c) Lockheed Martin

See here for NAVAIR seriously geeking out over airship airlift. Not that I blame them.

via TYWKIWDBI and The DEW Line

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